Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) and Human Rights in Africa

Addressing illicit financial flows from Africa as a fundamental human rights issue is, arguably, the most important human rights intervention of this era. Indeed it has the potential to have substantial impact on the ability of African governments to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Mindful of the fact that Africa loses more money through illicit financial flows than it receives in aid, loans and investments combined; Mindful also that despite high growth rates, Africa today is a mixed story of booming economic growth juxtaposed against abject poverty and idyllic holiday locations against overflowing slums. Illicit financial flows directly affect a government's ability to meet their obligations under international human rights law as it drains the continent of much needed resources.

HRDI has developed a project to address illicit financial flows and human rights which builds upon its past experiences, partnerships and successes.

HRDI is also assisting the ACHPR as its project secretariat to implement its resolution 236 on illicit financial flows and human rights.