Vision, Mission and Core Values


HRDI’s vision is an Africa where universally accepted standards of human rights are applied to everybody and where all people’s value and dignity is respected.


HRDI’s mission is to challenge political, economic and social elitism and promote equality of people regardless of race, place of origin, gender, social status, class, religion, sexual orientation, belief, ethnicity, HIV status or any other quality or trait that might be used as a basis for unfair discrimination, using international and regional human rights standards as the barometer. Constantly bearing in mind that human rights is not about what we write or say, but what we do.

Core Values

Every person contributes in a meaningful and significant manner to the overall growth and development of society. Hence all forms of work should be respected and valued.

Every person has the inherent capacity to contribute meaningfully to society especially in a nurturing and safe environment. Hence the environment should be nurturing, respectful and appreciative of the contributions of each person.

Every person working within HRDI has a responsibility and obligation to work in a service orientated manner with efficiency and commitment to the mission and vision of the organisation.

Every person, family, society and state are interdependent – each upon the other. Individuals and families form the building blocks for a healthy society and a strong state that takes care of the needs of its citizens and residents.

Human rights and development are concepts that are interdependent.