The Team

True to our values we try to implement a flat structure within our organisation. We have different responsibilities but each of us value the others contribution as an important component of our joint effort.

Christian Tshimbalanga Christian Tshimbalanga
(Country of Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo)
Lawyer, Community Outreach and Partnerships,
International Human Rights and HIV/AIDS

Ensures that our work reaches the most vulnerable.
Dan Bengtsson Dan Bengtsson
(Country of Origin: Sweden)
Deputy Executive Director

Ensures that our organisational machinery is constantly well oiled and fine tuned.
Asha Ramgobin Asha Ramgobin
(Country of Origin: South Africa)
Executive Director

Ensures that we move together with hope mindful of our interdependence.

Every person contributes in a meaningful and significant manner to the overall growth and development of society. Hence all forms of work should be respected and valued.