After the team from Kenya returned to their home country, they began conducting research and working in Kibera, in particular at the schools located there.

As part of phase one of the Community Outreach programme, the team from Kenya consulted with among others the following organisations before arriving in Pretoria for the training:
Kibera Community Self Help Progamme (Kicoshep)
KICOSHEP’s aim is to enable poor people to cope with the impact of HIV/AIDS and to enlist the participation of the community in reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It operates in Nairobi, specifically in Kibera slums as well as in Machakos District in Eastern Province, Nyando and Kisumu District in Nyanza Province and Thika District in Central Province.

The following are some of its activities:
a. Provision of home-based care, VCT and care; and
b. Support to orphans and vulnerable children.

Our partners are currently setting up a desk at the following CBO:

Kibera Post Test Clubs Network( KIPOTEC)
This is an umbrella organisation of Post Test Clubs (PTCs) located in Kibera. These PTCs unite to empower PLWA in order to take control of their lives and be role models in the community.
KIPOTEC also acts as a watchdog on rights and advocacy issues.

The following are some of their activities:
a. Treatment literacy;
b. Adherence support;
c. Health talks;
d. Defaulter tracing; and
e. Outreach awareness campaigns as a way to reduce stigma in the community.

HRDI’s former student is in the process of establishing a "Legal Services Desk" at Kipotec where she, together with trained students from the law faculty will provide free legal advice and services. She has plans afoot to work with these students to renovate a very under-resourced primary school in the slums of Kibera.