HRDI is an African regional non-governmental human rights organisation based in Pretoria, South Africa working in Southern Africa, East Africa and the Great Lakes Region.

HRDI’s mission is to challenge political, economic and social elitism and promote equality of people regardless of race, place of origin, gender, social status, class, religion, sexual orientation, belief, ethnicity, HIV status or any other quality or trait that might be used as a basis for unfair discrimination, using international and regional human rights standards as the barometer. Constantly bearing in mind that human rights is not about what we write or say, but what we do.

Illicit Financial Flows and Human Rights in Africa

Addressing illicit financial flows from Africa as a fundamental human rights issue is, arguably, the most important human rights intervention of this era. Indeed it has the potential to have substantial impact on the ability of African governments to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Mindful of the fact that Africa loses more money through illicit financial flows than it receives in aid, loans and investments combined; Mindful also that despite high growth rates, Africa today is a mixed story of booming economic growth juxtaposed against abject poverty and idyllic holiday locations against overflowing slums. Illicit financial flows directly affect a government’s ability to meet their obligations under international human rights law as it drains the continent of much needed resources.

On 23rd April 2013, as a result of HRDI’s advocacy strategy, the ACHPR adopted Resolution 236 and took the first bold step toward a human rights based approach to addressing this issue.

HRDI is currently working with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights as its Secretariat to manage a study on the human rights impact of and human rights based solutions to illicit financial flows from Africa.

News Updates


HRDI's ED will participate in a panel discussion during the 10th Alternative Mining Indaba in Cape Town on the theme: “Finding the Missing Millions: Using extractive companies' revenue disclosures for tax justice” HRDI's ED addressed Corruption Watch and its partners on “Peoples' Rights under the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights within the Context of Illicit Financial Flows and Corruption in Africa


HRDI's ED appointed by PALU to a Pan African Task Force on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa

HRDI's ED addressed the AU Commission and the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions in Addis Ababa on the Impact of Illicit Financial Flows on the Enjoyment of Human Rights

HRDI's ED addressed the Pan-Continental Southern Dialogue on Illicit Financial Flows in Nairobi on Gender, IFFs and Human Rights – focus on Maputo Protocol

HRDI co-hosted a side event with the Centre for Human Rights and the African Commission at its 63rd Ordinary Session in Banjul where our ED presented the Study on Illicit Financial Flows and Human Rights from Africa

HRDI co-hosted a fireside conversation with the Centre for Human Rights in Pretoria on The strategic opportunities presented by BRICS and other multilateral formations of the global south within the policy spaces of the G20 and OECD on the issue of illicit financial flows and human rights in Africa.

HRDI highlighted inequality linked to IFFs, VAT increases and impact on right to health in South Africa during a promotional visit of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

HRDI's ED participated in a panel on illicit financial flows and human rights and presented her reflections during the closing session of Tax-Justice Network – Africa's Pan African Conference on Illicit Financial Flows and Corruption

HRDI's ED participated and facilitated sessions during the SADC Peoples’ Forum and the BRICS Civil Society Forum on illicit financial flows and human rights

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